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Mindful parenting: How modern parents can connect with the concept of spirituality

It is important to realise that EQ is now more important than IQ. Conventional education is not enough to raise resilient kids and parents need to step in to improve the standards of education and life all together.

Is the online food ordering trend influencing the way parents cook?

Access to the Internet, travel and the rise of online food ordering have inspired Indian parents to add value to what they cook for the family. And they are constantly in search of a new, healthy menu for their children.


How so many Indian moms wear the chef hat as well at home

Today's kids are is blessed to have moms who are open to experimenting and creating new kinds of baked foods. Some popular dishes include homemade pastries, tarts, chocolates, even homemade ice-cream.

Parenthesis: Does your parenting style differ from your partner's?

In an ideal world, research has shown that staying as close to an authoritative approach is best. Being aware of how you are handling a particular situation will help facilitate conversation between your spouse and you.

Coding improves logical thinking, says mom of 9-year-old boy who created health app

Meet Vyom Bagrecha, who made an app at the age of nine with the help of his coding teacher. We spoke to Vyom and his mother Sandeepa to know the benefits of coding and how making the right use of technology can impact children.

Is signing baby-nup contracts a new parenting trend?

The trend which is gradually picking up in parts of the world involves signing of a contract between parents to split chores fairly before the child is born. But the contract is not legally binding and so, some social media users are divided over its relevance.


5 cooking trends among millennial parents

Millennials were the first to adopt new technologies, so it's no surprise that as parents, they are able to use newest technologies to cook nutritious meals. An upper-middle-class millennial parent living in urban India knows how to use search engines to find recipes for a chicken preparation or pastries.

Single adults are now raising children as 'platonic' parents. How does that work?

Platonic parenting, a form of co-parenting, is becoming popular in certain parts of the world. Co-parenting is usually adopted by estranged couples who agree to raise their child together. But that's not what this parenting approach is all about for some single men and women who are looking out for co-parents.

A note to online mommy groups: Don't overshare, motherhood is not a contest

Think about it. When was the last time you took your child’s picture with his medal for simply your memories? How many seconds did you wait before posting it online?

5 rules for new age parents: Helicopter, tiger or just regular parenting?

New age parents deal with umpteen pressures and trepidations every day. Which side should you choose – should you be a friend or a parent? What is safe – helicopter or tiger parenting?