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Imagine: Growing pains and the myth of a carefree childhood

We hear our kids have a problem and we want to jump into a full rescue mode. But hold on and instead ask them how they think you could help. If they feel they are not being judged, they might want to discuss their problem with you openly.

The Early Years: Children with developmental disabilities and early childhood intervention

There is evidence that providing support and services for infants and young children with early developmental impairments and their families can alter the child’s longer term developmental trajectory, and reduce the risk of secondary health and psychosocial complications.


If your child asks you about the period emoji, what do you say?

Children have access to smartphones from a very young age now. This means there are chances they might come across the period emoji, once introduced, and may also use it, perhaps, without even knowing what it stands for. Will the emoji encourage parents to talk about periods with their children?

'Parental pressure can be at the root of childhood depression'

This is what happens in most households in our country with children unable to cope with the supremely high demands set by parents. Before the child is even born, they are expected to become the best engineers, doctors, lawyers, or government servants among others that the pressure becomes unbearable for them

How to make learning science creative and fun

The scientific world is complex and simple at the same time. If one can understand the concepts with clarity, science is not difficult. However, at the school level, the interest in understanding the concepts may not be natural.

How to talk to your kids about the elections and voting

Election 2019: It is important to get children to develop an objective opinion about elections, so that they grow up to be responsible voting citizens. If you are explaining a party's manifesto, talk about its pros and cons.


TikTok ban in India: Here's how to monitor your child's online activity to ensure safety

TikTok may seem a form of innocuous entertainment. Sometimes, even parents make short video clips featuring their kids. We asked experts to tell us how to exercise online safety, particularly when it comes to kids using the platform.

6 benefits of getting siblings to share a room

Sharing a room not only helps develop a better bonding between siblings but also inculcates in them certain values which help them later in life.

Managing screen time: 5 apps that can make learning fun for your kids

Let’s look at some of these digital apps that can transform the way students judiciously use their screen time to learn and practice Math and Science, or even learn a foreign language.

Is swearing in front of your child really bad?

Benjamin Bergen, a professor of cognitive science at UC San Diego, and a linguist studying swearing and its impact on children, has concluded that there is a distinction between swearing and slurs, suggesting only the latter is bad.