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How to teach kids the art of being an effective leader

Some people are born leaders, but some must develop the skill set required to thrive as a leader. Here are some fundamental steps you can focus on to develop and sharpen your children's leadership skills.

A single working mom reveals how she balances job and parenting to save time and money

The 37-year-old mom reportedly has a speedy bedtime and morning routine. She takes a bath with Luca, her son, to "save time and money", and they go to bed together at 8:30 pm.


Winter health and hygiene tips to protect your kids from diseases

Winter health tips: Make sure kids wash their hands properly after coming home from outside. Use hand sanitisers. If a person in the house already has cough and cold, ask him or her to cover their nose to avoid spreading infection to others.

New dads may not feel an instant bonding with the baby

While new mothers develop intense bonding with their babies, fathers may not be able to feel it immediately. We spoke to a parenting coach to know the reasons behind it and asked for tips to help dads feel connected to the newborn.

5 ways to understand your toddler better

There is something very soothing about listening to music with your child. While still developing, a baby's understanding of varying rhythms and tunes is fairly acute.

How to teach your child to tell time

Start by introducing to your child the general concepts of time — morning, afternoon, evening and night. Talk about the activities associated with these hours of the day, like having breakfast in the morning or sleeping at night.


Great Storytellers for Children: Rabindranath Tagore

Among his popular works are Bristi Pare Tapur-Tupur, an early poem that recreates the rhythm of the Bengali nursery rhymes that he loved in his childhood. Kadi-o-Komal was his first collection of poetry for children, followed by Sonar Tari and Kshanika.

Children's Day Speech 2019: How to help your kids prepare

Children's Day 2019 Speech: Children's Day speech would be a great opportunity to emphasise on issues affecting children today, from education to physical and mental health, and how each can be improved to ensure a better future.

A mom shares how drinking 'too much milk' nearly killed her toddler. Here's why it's harmful

Infants should not just drink water in limited quantities, even excess consumption of milk can be fatal for your child. It causes iron deficiency in the body or what is known as milk anaemia.

A newborn baby's hiccups could be key to brain development: Study

"The reasons for why we hiccup are not entirely clear, but there may be a developmental reason, given that foetuses and newborn babies hiccup so frequently," said lead author and research associate Kimberley Whitehead.