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Should you use the camera flash when clicking your baby's pictures?

Whenever there is bright light, the pupil in the eye constricts for protection. The pupillary reaction in newborn babies - those who are less than a month old or even preterm — is not well developed.

Immune deficiency in children: Treat the problem early at its root

Contrary to healthy kids, some children find it difficult to fight even simple pathogens and may fall ill repeatedly, indicating that they lack this basic immune system or that there is a defect which needs to be addressed.


Listen: How to teach your child money management skills

Parent and professor of psychology Tanu Shree Singh explains in an episode of the podcast series Difficult Conversations with Your Kids how you can discuss issues related to money with your child.

Watch: Why every child needs a champion or an adult who won't give up on them

"Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be."

How to choose the right school for your kids

Just like you do a lot of online research before you make an investment (no matter how small it is), you must do a lot more research when it comes to investing in your child's education. After all, it is the most important investment of your life, isn't it?

Are kids spending too much time on mobile phones? It's not entirely their fault

Every time a child is restless, all one needs to do is to play a video for them or show them an online game or use it as bait if they refuse to eat. In no time, your child becomes obsessed with screens.


Parenting hacks from a mom of twins: Keep a sense of humour, stay calm and carry on

The folks who said it takes a village to raise a child were spot on. Find your people - your family, friends and other parents of twins. Getting in touch with other parents of twins and multiples makes you realise the normalcy hidden in your crazy life.

It's okay if my son doesn't get into college: A note from a Dino Mom to Tiger Moms

Kids ought to feel the joy when they compete in those maths classes, dance competitions or cut-throat academics and not a sharp shove from the over-ambitious parent who has elaborate designs to ensure a blindingly bright future.

5 co-parenting apps for moms and dads to raise kids as a team

These apps are designed to reduce the stress of co-parenting by being your constant guide in managing communications, schedules, finances and other activities related to the child.

Fun with Maths: How to teach odd and even numbers to your child

The concept of even and odd should be taught when the child is making sense of pairs and is well-versed with quantification rather than just learning a rote number sequence. One can also try teaching about these mathematical elements in a story format.