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To be casual or obsessive? Shahid-Mira's parenting dilemma is what every couple faces

Shahid Kapoor said, "My wife (Mira) tells me that I am a little obsessive and protective and that I need to calm down a little bit. I tell her that she is too casual."

Wondering what's troubling your child? It’s not just exam stress

"Whenever a parent of a young child asks me how many extra classes their child should take, I tell them to be guided by their kids. Don’t enroll your child in various classes so you can tick off a ‘good parent’ box; be guided by your child’s interest."


Being Baba: Why I love wearing my baby

One way of feeling close to your baby is to simply hold them close to you. Mothers obviously to do this most of the time because the baby is feeding constantly. For dads, however, it's a bit tricky finding this me-time with the newborn. Well, here's something that really worked for me - babywearing!

My parents have been really supportive, says 13-year-old entrepreneur Tilak Mehta

Meet Tilak Mehta, a 13-year-old boy, who launched his own company, Papers N Parcels in 2018, to ease courier services in Mumbai. Express Parenting took the opportunity to interact with Tilak and his father Vishal Mehta, to know more about how they worked as a team to achieve success.

Karan Johar wants to introduce his kids to luxury brands. Should you too?

Karan Johar's undying love for fashion isn't unknown. No wonder he wants to instill in his kids a similar passion for luxury wears. And why not when his kids can surely afford them? And they may not be an exception after all.

Want tips on parenting? Here are 10 online courses you can consider in 2019

This online course guides parents on how to groom their children and deal with them. It gives an insight into parenting through scientifically proven techniques using videos and live interactions for developing the child's four core areas, namely behaviour, communication, psychological needs and performance.


Happy New Year 2019: 7 ways to celebrate the day with your child

Happy New Year 2019: Leave all your work aside for a day and spend the entire day with your child and other family members. Here are some ways in which you can have fun with your family.

6 ways to reduce screen time for children

The American Academy of Pediatrics has now suggested that parents should avoid screen time for toddlers and young children. If your child is also addicted to the screen, here are six ways in which you can keep him or her away from it or at least limit exposure.

4 tips from a teacher on getting your child to listen to you

Ultimately, children are mere reflections of their parents, and their lives at home, which makes it imperative that rules and teachings imparted to them apply equally for all family members, with no exceptions.

20 questions you can ask children to help them express their feelings

To understand your child better, it is important to know their emotions and thoughts. That's what strengthens the parent-child bond and fosters his or her holistic development. Here are 20 questions you can ask your child to get them to talk about their feelings.