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It's not teenage drama: 5 ways to tackle suicidal talk

Mental Health Awareness India: Parents must keep communication doors open, be positive and non-judgmental, listen and express support, care, love while acknowledging their thoughts and their challenges.

Your teen girl's room guide: High-energy with a cosy vibe

“Light up the study area well, with ambient lighting in the remaining space. Something as simple as a bunch of string lights hung behind the bed work wonders for a girl's room.”


Build a strong foundation for your teenager in the crucial years

Teenagers experience a surge of hormonal changes and there may be various behavioural changes like irritability, anger, sorrow, laziness and need for isolation at times.

How to organise your tween's sleepover at home with friends

"Have an assortment of snacks and finger foods handy so they can munch on all night. Go for disposable plates and cutlery in bamboo and paper. This reduces the risk of anyone stepping on it in the middle of the night and getting hurt.”

Smelly teens? Here are tips to practice good hygiene

Sweating is a major problem for active teens because the sweat glands become more active during puberty. The problem of excessive sweating and body odour can take a toll on their confidence and cause unnecessary embarrassment.

How we can help teenagers to deal with addiction

Teens require a safe space to openly communicate and interact with elders and friends to discuss problems as well as their dreams and vision for the future. The more they can express themselves, the less they will rely on addiction to escape their grim reality.


Watch: ‘Risky behaviour is wired into teenagers’ brains’

“This region (middle of the prefrontal cortex) is more active in adolescents when they make these social decisions and think about other people than it is in adults. Adolescents and adults use a different cognitive strategy to make social decisions.”

Imagine: It’s our society that is broken, not our kids

What we see as depression, anxiety, addiction and the growing mental health problem is a sign of a society that is sick. Unfortunately, our children are paying the price for it.

How to connect with a new millennial: Here are 20 slang words to check out

Are you 'killing it' or looking 'snatched'? If you're a millennial parent scrolling through your kid's chat during that surprise check and can't follow a thing, this guide is for you.

Difficult Conversations: No, it's not 'cool' to share a drink with your teen

In the last few years I have met a lot of people boasting that they shared a beer with their 16 or 18-year-old as a marker of the special birthday. Their logic is, "the kids will do it anyway." Also, since most of us enjoy an occasional glass or two, we assume that it is harmless if the child did too.