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Parenthesis: Do your kids seem destructive? They probably just want to play

When your toddler wants to play peek-a-boo all the time, he is just satisfying his urge or need to play in a specific way. Researchers believe that these patterns of play help your child develop as they explore the world trying to find out how things work.

Parenthesis: Birthday parties made me a wreck till my twins rescued me

A bouncy castle at a birthday party seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Loud blaring music and equally loud party hosts competed with each other. I returned from each party with a splitting headache.


Parenthesis: How to deal with toddler tantrums

Assess why your child is upset. If he’s tired or hungry, he may need a nap or a snack. At other times, he may just need to be distracted to the next activity. If the tantrum is because he isn’t being allowed to do something, explain once and then move on.

Parenthesis: The ability to do nothing is an important life skill

By providing endless playdates, use of screens or enrolling them in activities, we are not allowing them to listen to their inner voice. Their inner voice that tells them to make a fort, or write a story or draw a picture.

Parenthesis: Does your parenting style differ from your partner's?

In an ideal world, research has shown that staying as close to an authoritative approach is best. Being aware of how you are handling a particular situation will help facilitate conversation between your spouse and you.

Parenthesis: Are you ready to have a second child? Here's a checklist

Should you have a second child or not? Will you be depriving your child of a sibling and family for when you are no longer around? Or will you be forcing a sibling on him and depriving him of your undivided attention? If you were to have a second child, what should be the ideal age gap?


Parenthesis: Is boarding school right for your child? Here are points to consider

Take a long-term approach and don't make hasty decisions. Discuss all pros and cons, do your research thoroughly and then take a decision in the best interests of the child and your family. It's important to remember that no decision is lasting.

Parenthesis: Why you should stop comparing your child to others

The problem arises when instead of observing our child’s individual growth and progress and seeking help if needed, we compare our child to either his siblings or other children and judge him for being different.

Parenthesis: Greeting people to making small talk, teach your child these social skills

Times have changed. As our generation have now become parents, the formality in relationships has reduced considerably. Social conventions are far more casual. My children call most of our friends and family by their first names. They chill and hang out with us as part of a whole group.

Parenthesis: How do you guide kids towards the right career?

Should we burst their bubble of childhood innocence and insist that they pursue a career that guarantees them money? Or should we encourage them to follow their passions and let the money sort itself out?