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Parenthesis: Playing outdoors is messy, fun and vital for kids

So, we learnt to put up with the whiny child or the child who always had to have his own way, or the child who never wanted to be the ‘den’ and we learnt to negotiate our way through the playing. We learnt important life skills while playing outside.

Parenthesis: When grandparents take parenting decisions

There is no doubt that the bond between the grandparent and the grandchild is unique and special. But, tensions can arise when the grandparents take on more of a parenting role and navigating the resultant choppy, parenting waters can be a hard and frustrating task.


Parenthesis: Raising introverts and extroverts, together

A boisterous child at home may suddenly be quieter in school. You discover that your child's personality may be more introverted than you realised. Or your quiet child may suddenly thrive in a school environment and come home with a million stories about her friends and life at school.

Parenthesis: Here are 3 non-negotiable rules of parenting

And the best part is, most of what you would want your child to do falls under these three rules. It's simple and easy for both your child and you to follow through on.

Parenthesis: What kind of parent are you during vacations?

The next time you plan a vacation, think about the hidden message for your child. Is it in sync with how you intend to raise him, the attributes and values that you would like him to imbue? Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your choices have a larger impact than you might have imagined.

Parenthesis: Do your kids seem destructive? They probably just want to play

When your toddler wants to play peek-a-boo all the time, he is just satisfying his urge or need to play in a specific way. Researchers believe that these patterns of play help your child develop as they explore the world trying to find out how things work.


Parenthesis: Birthday parties made me a wreck till my twins rescued me

A bouncy castle at a birthday party seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Loud blaring music and equally loud party hosts competed with each other. I returned from each party with a splitting headache.

Parenthesis: How to deal with toddler tantrums

Assess why your child is upset. If he’s tired or hungry, he may need a nap or a snack. At other times, he may just need to be distracted to the next activity. If the tantrum is because he isn’t being allowed to do something, explain once and then move on.

Parenthesis: The ability to do nothing is an important life skill

By providing endless playdates, use of screens or enrolling them in activities, we are not allowing them to listen to their inner voice. Their inner voice that tells them to make a fort, or write a story or draw a picture.

Parenthesis: Does your parenting style differ from your partner's?

In an ideal world, research has shown that staying as close to an authoritative approach is best. Being aware of how you are handling a particular situation will help facilitate conversation between your spouse and you.