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Panama Papers: Show-cause notices to two firms, including one owned by IPL ex-chairman Chirayu Amin

Amin’s office had denied any rule or law had been violated in setting up the offshore entities or in any transactions.

Maltese prime minister promises reward to uncover journalist Galizia's killer

Daphne Caruana Galizia, who regularly lambasted Joseph Muscat in her popular blogs, was killed by a bomb near her home in Malta.


Panama Papers probe: Lawyers hold protests across Pakistan, demand PM Nawaz Sharif's resignation

Lower and higher courts in Pakistan came to a standstill on Wednesday as lawyers across the country held protests demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation after a probe recommended filing a graft case against him and his family. The protests were called by Pakistan’s top lawyers’ associations, including the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and the […]

#PanamaPapers India Part 4: Tyre dealer, boutique owner, top CA

Responses: No idea about any overseas company; all rules complied with; ‘chase corrupt Indians, not those who are citizens of other countries’. And silence.

Assets of top communist party brass revealed: China money trail ends with murder

Documents shed light on shell companies created by officials, businessmen and celebrities; and a murdered British national

Panama papers: What the big names had to say over the leaks

The Indian Express investigation team, led by Executive Editor Ritu Sarin, has meticulously crossed the ts and dotted the is for eight months before revealing the list of Indian names that featured in the #PanamaPapers.