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Majority of active terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are Pakistanis, says MHA Official

According to MHA data, 88 Kashmiri youths joined militancy in 2016, highest in last six years. In 2014, 222 terrorists tried to enter India, but only 65 could make it, and in 2015, 121 ultras attempted to cross border, but 33 of them were successful.

Chinese takeaway: Beijing's Diaspora

The Indians and Chinese have, for centuries, migrated to distant corners of the world.


India,region needs a strong leader for peace: Imran

'If Nelson Mandela could get rid of hatred between blacks and whites,differences between Indians and Pakistanis were only skin deep'

UAE: 17 Indians on death row set to walk free

Khan was killed in a turf war over illegal liquor trade. Three were injured in the fight.

67% Pakistanis for ‘Islamisation’ of society: Gallup

Only 13 per cent said they believed there is no need for “Islamisation” while 20 per cent gave no response.

Pakistanis react with revulsion,anger over journalist's murder

"Afraid and unsafe is exactly how the butchers who tortured Shahzad want us to feel."


A clash of cultures

One team solemnly believes in practice and organisation. It’s often been instinct and passion.

Ship carrying Pakistanis,Iraqis detained

A ship carrying 16 Pakistani and three Iraqi nationals was detained off the coast of Lakshadweep.

Ship carrying Pakistanis,Iraqis detained off Lakshadweep

The ship was being thoroughly searched and a special team was being rushed from Delhi.

They are in India,yet they can’t step out of city

For most of the Pakistanis visiting India,it was an opportunity to meet their family and friends and see their ancestral homes.

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JNU row: Lawyers thrash students, journalists

New Delhi, Feb 15 (ANI): A scuffle broke out between students and lawyers outside the Patiala House court complex on Monday during the hearing of an alleged sedition case involving Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union president Kanhaiya Kumar. The students, who have been demanding Kumar's release, alleged that they were roughed up by lawyers when they entered the court premises. During scuffle, three journalists were also attacked by the lawyers inside the court premises. A CPI (M) activist said lawyers thrashed a journalist severely. He also said the court would not decide the matter, but the students themselves. An eyewitness said he was waiting peacefully when the lawyers pointed towards them, abused them and called them Pakistanis.