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What is Pakistan's military strength?

Pakistan is one of India's principal adversaries. The two countries have gone to war many times since after independence but India has prevailed. Despite goint to war with India a number of times, the Pakistani armed forces are notorious for multiple military coups in the country's short history.

Pak crisis LIVE: Protesters storm PTV news channel headquarters, forcibly enter Secretariat

The military showed support for democracy but also expressed displeasure over Saturday night’s violence.


Pakistan army jets, US drones kill 50 militants

The military said that the jets targeted members of the Pakistani Taliban.

Pakistan army seizes control of key city from Taliban

North Waziristan has been sealed off from outsiders and there is no way to verify the military's figures.

Pakistani airstrikes kill nearly 30 militants

Wednesday's bombing in North Waziristan came a day after police confirmed that a Chinese tourist had been abducted in the area.

Pakistan’s myths and manipulations

The uneasy alliance with America is crumbling, and al-Qaeda and affiliates are more popular than ever.


Pakistan deploys first domestic drones

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,said it would block NATO shipments until the US ended drone attacks.

Kayani says army supports dialogue with Pak militants

The 61-year-old army chief described terrorism as a “big challenge” that goes against both Pakistan’s ideology and Islamic teachings.

Hina-Bilawal rumour: UK paper points to ISI hand,Pak says no

Both Khar and Gulzar have dismissed the tabloid’s report as “reprehensible” and “trash”.

29 Taliban militants killed at Afghan border

The Pakistani military said it killed 29 Taliban fighters on Wednesday in the final stage of an operation aimed at forcing hundreds of insurgents back across the border into Afghanistan

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After 6 years in Pakistan jail, Mumbai resident Hamid Ansari returns home

It’s been six years since Hamid Nehal Ansari crossed the border into Pakistan and was arrested. On Thursday, he returned to his home in Mumbai days after being released from a Pakistan jail.