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Pakistan PM must dismantle terror apparatus in his country or face consequences

Pakistan’s strategic partners, such as Saudi Arabia and UAE, are India’s traditional friends. But in new India, they are standing by Modi for you to clean up “new Pakistan”.

Pakistan hub of terrorism, spreads false narrative about Kashmir: India at UN

First Secretary in India's Permanent Mission to the UN Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu said, "repeated and cynical attempts by Pakistan, to spread a false narrative about the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir have not succeeded earlier and will not do so now".


US fails to take decisive steps against terror safe havens: US official

The official said that despite some positive indicators, the US has not yet seen Pakistan taking the sustained or decisive steps that it would have expected to see ten months after the announcement of the South Asia strategy.

US asks Pakistan to expel terrorists operating from its soil

"We've had a number of discussions with our Pakistani partners on expectations for change and expelling terrorists from areas in which they've been allowed to operate," Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said.

Pakistan bans automatic weapons

The notification also asked owners of automatic weapons to swap the current weapons with semi-automatic ones or surrender them for Rs 50,000.

Mainstreaming Terror

As Pakistan has discovered, the process further radicalises society, undermines state


US aims to improve Pakistan's capacity to fight terrorists: General Joseph Dunford

"We ought to bring the full weight of the US government and our coalition partners on Pakistan to ensure that they do not provide the sanctuary that they have provided historically to groups like Haqqani and the Taliban."

Pakistan is Terroristan: India at UN

“In its short history, Pakistan has become a geography synonymous with terror. The quest for a ‘land of pure’ (Pakistan means the land of the pure) has actually produced ‘the land of pure terror’,” said Gambhir, reading from a prepared text.

Pakistan among top 50 countries with high terror-financing risks

The 10 countries with the highest AML risk are Iran, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Tajikistan, Laos, Mozambique, Mali, Uganda, Cambodia and Tanzania while the three lowest risk countries are Finland, followed by Lithuania and Estonia, the group said in a recent report published on its website.

'Trump administration will not shy away from tougher steps against Pakistan'

Donald Trump warned Pakistan of consequences if it continues to provide safe havens to terrorists and sought an enhanced role for India to end America's longest war and bring peace in the war-torn country.