Pakistan protests

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Possibilities of a verdict

Despite its limitations, Pakistan Supreme Court ruling against the military gives its civil society more room.

Qadri ends Islamabad sit-in, to hold demonstrations across Pakistan

Fiery cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri ended his over two month-long protest, vowing to spread it across the country.


Pak's Parliament holds emergency session to discuss poll crisis

The pressure specially mounted on Monday when protesters occupied the state-run television and army was called to evict them.

Pakistan on tenterhooks as protesters gear up for "decisive day"

Pakistan has swung between democracy and military rule for decades and the army's position is key to what happens next.

Islamabad on halt: Garbage piling up, people knocking on bathrooms doors as twin protests rock Pak capital

Garbage is piling up, people are knocking on doors to use bathrooms as twin protests rock Pak capital.