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Convicted people will not be allowed media space: Pakistan govt

A Cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday directed the Pakistan Electronic Media Regula­tory Authority (Pemra) to fulfil its “responsibility” to discourage airing of such programmes by the electronic media.

Pakistan's media faces threats, abductions ahead of elections

The July 25 vote will mark the first time the country has held three consecutive elections without a coup, but the armed forces are still believed to wield considerable power behind the scenes.


Pakistan orders TV channels to go off air during crackdown on Islamist protest

The suspension was ordered by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for violating media regulations showing live coverage of a security operation.

Pakistan media highlights Barack Obama's India visit, nuclear deal

Pakistani media on Monday gave extensive coverage to US President Barack Obama's visit to India.

Pakistan media appears skeptical about outcome of Sharif's India visit

The paper said: "Modi has cleverly bought himself goodwill internationally by hosting Sharif, but did so in a way that really conceded nothing."

PM Modi: Edits in Pakistan media reflect hope, scepticism and humour

The Pakistan media is largely approaching Narendra Modi's appointment as India's Prime Minister with cautious optimism.


Punish everyone responsible for Sarabjit’s death: Pakistan media

The murder of Sarabjit Singh in a Pakistani jail has the potential to impact bilateral relations and authorities must get to the bottom of the affair and punish everyone responsible for his death,the Pakistani media said Friday.

Punish everyone responsible for Sarabjit Singh's death: Pak media

Pakistani rights activists too had called for the reopening of Sarabjit Singh's case.

Did fundamentalists force U-turn on Sarabjit by Pakistan,asks media

Dawn newspaper described development as U-turn taken by govt in an 'unusual way.'

Media highlights Pak's failure to hunt down Laden

Newspapers highlighted the lack of clarity about Pakistan military's role in the US raid.