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Iran renews nuclear pact ultimatum amid tensions with US

Iran will continue scaling back compliance with a nuclear deal unless other signatories to the pact show "positive signals", the Iranian president said as tensions with the United States escalated over tanker attacks in the Gulf region.

US to sign security pact with Kabul

America will provide two-thirds of their troops and additional forces to Afghanistan to conduct counter-terrorism operations.


Cancel PMC-AIMS pact,says Jan Arogya Manch

Protests against the civic body’s decision to hand over a new building on the Aundh institute premises to private trust Aundh Institute of Medical Services (AIMS) at a nominal rate for 29 years got louder on Thursday.

India,US agree on end user monitoring pact

India and the US agreed to enter into an understanding on end-user monitoring agreement.

AfPak MoU on transit trade: Pak denies concessions to India

Pak rejected the impression that it had granted 'concessions' to India by signing a pact with Afghanistan to conclude a new transit trade agreement by the end of this year.

UBI signs pact with Tata Motors

United Bank of India (UBI) signed an agreement with Tata Motors for financing the Rs-one lakh Nano car.