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BJP, Congress share more 'junk news' on WhatsApp than BSP-SP, says Oxford study

With a dearth of academic research regarding WhatsApp, the researchers analysed 27,000 posts from 130 public Facebook pages and over 200 public WhatsApp groups between February 14 and April 10.

Asia debt binge to dampen growth but not derail it, Oxford says

Oxford forecasts that in the long run, the debt of households and non-financial companies will remain above 100 percent of gross domestic product in most Asian economies, excluding Japan.


Rohingya violence: Oxford removes Suu Kyi portrait after criticism

While the exact reasons for the portrait's removal, remain unclear, there is a general view that the allegations of ethnic cleansing as a result of Mynamar's Rohingya Muslims fleeing their homes to Bangladesh is likely to be behind the move.

Northwestern professor, Oxford staffer jailed in stabbing

Lathem, 42, was being held without bail in Alameda County and faced a court appearance in the city of Pleasanton.

'Oxford A Real' app launched to help students access textbooks online

These books have been introduced in a Panchkula school, The Gurukul in Sector 20, where the app scans a particular topic and show it on screen, in real.

Oxford University nominates 1st female vice-chancellor

The university appointed its first vice-chancellor in 1230, and until now all of them have been men. There has also never been a female chancellor, the top job.


Suspicious packages sent to British military recruitment offices

British counter-terrorism police on Thursday said they were dealing with a series of suspect packages sent to a string of armed forces recruitment offices. Bomb disposal units have been called to deal with the packages, sent to at least six offices in southeast England, with police sources saying there was a “low-level” but “viable” threat. […]

Cutlery can influence taste of food

Ever wondered why cheese tastes saltier when eaten from a knife?

MU among top 20 global varsities with super rich alumni

OUTSIDE of the Ivy League institutes and Oxford,Mumbai University finds itself as the only Asian university in a global list of top 20 with super rich,billionaire alumni.

Oxford schoolboy finds 300 million-year-old crab footprints

Footprints of this age are incredibly rare and extremely hard to spot.