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Researchers discover brain circuit that can help reduce food intake: Study

Researchers at The Rockefeller University in New York City, have found evidence that the brain does intervene to perform some decision making about whether to proceed with eating or not.

Why people tend to overeat in winter

The urge to maintain body fat is even stronger in winter when food in the natural world is scarce.


Want to avoid gaining weight? Chew your food slowly

Moms, don't rush your child to finish that breakfast. Slow chewing gives children enough time to realise when they're full — helping to avoid overeating and effectively enabling them to prevent weight gain.

While eating, listen to your stomach, not your eyes

Most of us would decline if offered food right after a meal. Yet if something tempting is brought in, we would reach out for it.

High-fructose drink consumption leads to overeating

The brain responds differently to two forms of sugar, glucose and fructose, a new study says, adding that the consumption of fructose may promote overeating. Fructose is a simple sugar found in fruit but it is added to many foods as “refined sugar”. While glucose – the primary energy source for the body – is […]

Why fat people tend to overeat

Triggers such as the smell of popcorn or a commercial for a snack may have a stronger pull for obese people.


Brain circuitry that triggers overeating identified

Study underscores that obesity and other eating disorders have a neurological basis.

'Brain training' could help you stop snacking

Researchers found that brain reward centre response has more effect on the amount they ate.

'Overeating may cause memory loss too'

Overeating has been linked to a host of health hazards like high blood pressure,diabetes and stroke.

Study offers clues to why people overeat

People usually gain weight because they overeat,but what makes them overeat?

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Top 6: Foods to soothe your stomach

If you are feeling the side-effects of overeating, try a few foods that can soothe your stomach and make digestion easier.