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Out of my Mind: Red Fort ready

When the Prime Minister spoke last year from the Red Fort, he seemed invincible. It was as if 2019 was in the bag. But the first rule of politics is: Never take an election for granted.

Out of my mind: A milestone

A crusading newspaper and an active vigilant Parliament can bring about radical change. Indian parliamentarians should try it some time. It is better than rushing to the Well of the Lok Sabha.


Out of my mind: Rebuilding during a storm

It has faced criticism on inflation, the judiciary, Indians stranded abroad, minor misdemeanours by junior ministers and the Budget, which has been all over the newspapers.

Out of My Mind: Forward to the past

There is a message here. Your core supporters are idealistic. But if you follow their advice, you will stay in the Opposition.

Fighting the good fight

Movements which rise on the spur of the moment and harness public anger do sometimes throw up leaders.

Is there a future for India?

Politics,of course,is completely out of bounds for anyone who has only merit.


Mars and modern India

The Congress was an instrument that Gandhi adapted to mass struggle,but under his dictatorial rule.

Game changer

Politics does sometimes change abruptly,hitting a cusp when suddenly new possibilities open up which were not there the day before.

The idea of India

This idea of a secular,democratic,left-of-centre polity was very much the brainchild of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The next world war

The war in Syria has been going on for two years,a civil war with proxy participation from outsiders.