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Your kids’ obesity may up knee, hip osteoarthritis risk later

A new research reports that obesity during childhood could increase the risk of developing knee and hip osteoarthritis later in life. This type of arthritis occurs when flexible tissue at the end of the bones wears down.

IIT team offers a cheap, painless treatment for osteoarthritis

Liquid material is injected into joints, which then forms a gel-like meshwork, allows cartilage cells to grow.

‘Artificial cannabis’ may be used to reduce pain, joint inflammation of arthritis patients

The substance inhibits a pain-sensing pathway in the spinal cord known as the cannabinoid receptor 2.

High BP pill could ease arthritis pain

It is thought that the drug boosts cortisol,a hormone which reduces the body’s sensitivity to pain.

Woman walks again,thanks to bilateral surgery

Experts claim this is the first-of-its-kind surgical procedure in the country.

Broccoli compound may protect against arthritis

Study suggests that vegetable like broccoli helps people from developing osteoarthritis.

Statins can slash arthritis risk

A daily dose of statins can more than halve the risk of developing arthritis

Gene breakthrough gives new hope to millions of osteoarthritis sufferers

The findings could lead to an early warning system for future generations of potential sufferers.

Regular fish oil decreases osteoarthritis pain: research

Patients who took fish oil had significantly greater improvements in mobility.

Now,diagnosis at your finger length!

How long your ring and index fingers are can determine whether you are susceptible to cancer.

Stem cell jab could end need for hip,knee surgeries

Scientists find way to produce cartilage from stem cells; treatment also suitable for injured sportspersons

Genzyme goes knee-deep on Facebook

Launches awareness campaign for osteoarthritis.

Now,a quick test to detect osteoarthritis!

Now,a quick test to detect osteoarthritis — thanks to scientists who have developed a machine to serve the purpose.