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Why we must strive to end the need for childcare institutions

While the transition from childcare institutions to family-based and alternate care is a long road, there are endless opportunities of growth for young children, provided they are nurtured in the caring environment of a loving family.

Kerala to send children back, but in Jharkhand, few options

A decision to return 120 children to Jharkhand, 59 to Bengal and 7 to Bihar was taken by district child welfare committees.


Separate orphanages for boys,girls after they turn 10

Child Welfare Committee reported a 13-year-old girl getting pregnant at Pune-based orphanage Vidyawati Ashram.

A trophy for Goodness

At a small double office off the busy Mumbai-Pune highway,sit the employees of a "social enterprise".

‘A shelter or home for children ‘A shelter or home for children

There are 1,039 children’s homes in Maharashtra,of which only 48 are government-run.

On the road for six months,Austrian family reaches Chandigarh

The travel plan is fluid,the journey eventful. There are no agendas at any stopover,but only stories to share at every place.