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Dad learning saxophone plays for an audience of cows; adorable video goes viral

An Oregan dad is winning the Internet with his sweet gesture of playing the saxophone to the fields to try out the new tunes he learned. Although most would prefer a human audience, he performed in front of cows and Tweeple loved it!

Discovery of dog saves Oregon man from serving 50-year sentence

Joshua Horner, a plumber from the central Oregon town of Redmond, was convicted on April 12, 2017, of sexual abuse of a minor. In the trial, the complainant testified Horner had threatened to shoot her animals if she went to the police about the alleged molestation, and said she saw him shoot her dog, killing it, to make his point.


Oregon looks into price gouging as city faces tainted water

An update was issued about 30 minutes after the first alert, but shelves at many local grocery stores were stripped bare of bottled water within hours.

Two dead in small plane crash near Oregon solar eclipse viewing site

The Central Oregon Emergency Information Network says the pilot and a passenger were killed in the crash about 2 pm Saturday about a mile south of Madras Municipal Airport. Authorities did not identify the victims.    

Oregon train derailment: Track failure likely caused accident; essential water services damaged

The fire and derailment damaged essential city services in the small Oregon town, the Mosier waste water treatment plant and sewer system were also not operational on Sunday.

Video: Train carrying crude oil derails in Oregon, remains engulfed in flames for six hours

Ecology officials from Washington state said there was no sign of oil in the Columbia River or Rock Creek.


Oregon standoff: Shots fired, 1 killed in arrest of militants

Oregon State Police confirmed that its troopers were involved in the traffic-stop shooting.

Oregon activists picked the wrong battle, militia leaders say

Self-styled militia members who seized federal property in rural Oregon in an effort to galvanize opposition to the US government appear to have made a tactical error – potential allies say they picked the wrong battle. As armed anti-government activists occupied a snowy wildlife refuge for a third day to call attention to a land-use […]

Protesters occupy Oregon wildlife refuge as dispute over ranchers' prison term flares

Armed protesters occupied a national wildlife refuge to object to a prison sentence for local ranchers for burning federal land.

Oregon shooter's mother allowed him to have guns, didn't know he was potentially violent

Harper and son shared an apartment outside Roseburg. Investigators have recovered 14 firearms, six found at Umpqua Community College, where the killings occurred, and eight at the apartment.