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Your mouthwash could negate post-workout benefits, study reveals

Some bacteria living inside our mouth are known to convert nitrate into nitric oxide, which, when gulped, helps in the widening of blood vessels.

Neglect by global health community fuelling oral health crisis: Lancet study

According to a Lancet Series on oral health, it affect around 3.5 billion people worldwide and in low-income countries the current situation is most bleak, with even basic dental care unavailable and most disease remaining untreated.


Easy ways to get rid of bad breath and maintain good oral health

Diabetes is also a common cause of bad breath. Blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly to keep it under control.

Poor oral health may up liver cancer risk: Study

Researchers at Queen's University Belfast analysed a large cohort of over 469,000 people in the UK. They investigated the association between oral health conditions and the risk of a number of gastrointestinal cancers, including liver, colon, rectum and pancreatic cancer.

From aiding digestion to skin care: Why mint should be an essential part of your daily routine

From using it in chutneys and garnishing biryanis to keeping your breath fresh, mint is packed with a number of health benefits.

Maintaining oral hygiene helps drug abuse patients improve quality of life, finds study

The study observed that drug abuse patients who consulted dental professionals for major oral health problems stayed in treatment almost two times longer and had recorded 80 per cent increase in chances of completing the drug abuse treatment.


'Oral infection during childhood can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases'

A study concluded that oral infections "were an independent risk factor for subclinical atherosclerosis, and their association with cardiovascular risk factors persevered through the entire follow-up."

Get rid of your child’s thumb sucking habit for good

Your child’s permanent teeth will not start coming till they are six years old. However, damage done to their mouths before that may or may not correct itself.

Practice good oral health during pregnancy

A study suggests that pregnant women should “have a drink of milk or water following a vomiting episode and not brush their teeth immediately after vomiting”.

How to pick non-toxic toothpaste for your child

Learn to check the labels and choose a toothpaste that’s safe for your child and tastes good as well. By Ghazal Alagh Making kids brush their teeth can be a difficult task for most parents, but choosing the right toothpaste is even tougher. While a toothpaste with a pleasant taste may help parents open locked […]

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Top 4: Dental myths debunked

TePe, the experts in oral hygeine, have acknowledged that people find it difficult to differentiate between facts and myths, reports femalefirst.co.uk.