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On trial, the criminal justice system

Reforms have favoured measurable quick fixes without attempting to understand the high incidence of pre-trial detention.

Flip Side: Tongue twisters

In Bhutan, it was B4B, in Nepal, HIT, in Japan it was ‘You Mori, me Modi’, and now the Chinese visit has given his linguistic talent new wings.


Fifth Column: Wasting a mandate?

While the Prime Minister talks about “minimum government”, his ministers seem not to have understood what this means.

Out of my mind: On being 64

Madrasas, yet again, have become schools of terrorism. Goan Christians were told to declare themselves Hindus.

Two cheers for Scottish independence

Scotland’s priorities, argue the proponents of independence, are poorly reflected in the constitution of the British government.

This selective outrage

The SC rulings in Sarla Mudgal and Lily Thomas have not stopped the horrendous practice of married men committing fraud.


A story from Taranto

One of the elderly ladies told us how she was being chased by two Allied soldiers when an Indian soldier intervened and protected her.

The no blame game

The JD(U), RJD, Samajwadi Party, BSP, JD(S), BJD, fragments of the old Janata could come together and form a party.

View from the left: BJP’s Doublespeak

People’s Democracy looks at Gujarat’s human development record in the context of the Modi’s toilets remark.

Chinese takeaway

Beijing has pressed for agreement on regular defence ministerial consultations with Southeast Asia.