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On the PM's trail: Decoding the message behind Modi's Cabinet reshuffle

Modi isn’t waiting for anyone in the BJP to breach the governance deficit that has been staring India in the face in recent months. He believes that former bureaucrats who have handled the ropes of governance for nearly 40 years of their lives can pull the government out of its present morass.

Perils of restraint

On gender justice and human rights, court can’t hold back or abdicate responsibility.


Letters to the editor: The path of peace

This refers to Nuti Namita’s article ‘A past of its own making’ (IE, February 17).

A policy of activism and restraint

Government should use the ordinance route, not to push the 2014 disabilities bill, but to make the 1995 act more inclusive.

When the state listens

Pre-legislative scrutiny is a first step towards greater transparency in law-making.

The importance of being dull

AAP has shown a penchant for the spectacular. Why that is not going to be enough.


Interim budget that delivers

It sends out reassuring signals on growth and fiscal consolidation.

Because the price was right

Better auction design was key to ensuring that 2G spectrum did not remain unsold.

How not to fight inflation

Monetary tightening will only hurt growth. There are fiscal, administrative fixes.

Letters to editor: Credit cronies

This refers to ‘India Stinc’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE, February 15).