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Computing goes beyond keyboards, can now be controlled even by thought

Across the world there are multiple teams working on ways to make computing more natural

From Indian minds comes Jarvis, an intelligent OS inspired by Iron Man

Where you will run Jarvis seems to be the question that might elicit no answers soon as they wants to create own hardware.


Windows 8 is still not ready to be on tablets. Here's why...

The iPad and Android tablets are clear in their purpose as devices to help you consume data, which is what I do on them. With Windows 8, I'm not so sure and that confusion meant that the tablet spent more time lying on its side than in my hand.

Review: Microsoft Windows 8.1 upgrade improves,but far from perfect

Microsoft Windows 8.1 upgrade addresses some of the gripes people have had with Windows 8.

Kindle Fire HDX good contender for Amazon users

The new Kindle resembles Google's Nexus 7 in many ways - from its light weight to its sharp display.

Apple Inc. iOS system update: Mapping change for users

Apple Inc. uncovered new iOS 7 operating system for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch on Monday.


Microsoft Windows 8.1 to set wrong things right

Microsoft is hoping to quiet critics by allowing users start operating system in a desktop design.

Windows to the Future

With a stylish and unusual operating system,Miscrosoft has given rivals a reason to worry.

Business in hand

Nokia has raised its operating system from Symbian 3 to the new Symbian Anna,which is equipped with a new browser and virtual keyboard in its latest business smartphone E6.

Android phones beat iPhone,BlackBerry: Report

A new survey has surprised by its results - it found that Google’s Android operating system is the ‘most desired’ OS for smartphone consumers in the United States.