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Chennai has the fastest 4G video load time among IPL cities: Report

Chennai emerges as the IPL city with the fastest 4G Video Load Time while Thiruvananthapuram tops the chart with 5.8 seconds time of average loading time.

Airtel has quickest download speeds, Jio has highest 4G availability: Opensignal

Reliance Jio's score of 4G availability rose to 97.5 per cent, highest at a country level, while Airtel's download speed score rose by more than a megabit in six months to 8.7 Mbps, according to an Opensignal report.


Jharkhand's Dhanbad tops 4G availability list of 50 cities: Opensignal

Dhanbad and Ranchi have topped the list of 50 cities across India in the latest Opensignal's measurement for 4G availability.

India's 4G download speeds are best at 4 am, worst at 10 pm: OpenSignal

India's 4G download speeds are nearly 4.5 times faster at night, according to OpenSignal with 4 am being when the speeds are fastest

Airtel tops download speeds in India, Jio has highest 4G availability: OpenSignal

Reliance Jio has the highest 96.70 per cent 4G availability among the 22 telecom circles in India, OpenSignal noted in its new report

India's 4G LTE availability does not translate to good mobile video experience: OpenSignal report

OpenSignal mentioned that users in Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Kolkata and, Jammu and Kashmir enjoy better mobile video experience with a score of over 41, as per the company's mobile video experience measure


Kolkata tops 4G availability in India, Punjab circle is close second: OpenSignal report

Kolkata has topped the list of 4G availability in India's 22 telecom circles, as per a new analysis by mobile analytic company OpenSignal.

Guess what? Patna has better 4G than Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

Patna topped the list with 92.6 per cent 4G availability, while Bangalore, which took the 10th spot was measured to have 88.3 per cent 4G availability.

India to become 'fully 4G nation' in 2018; Reliance Jio could increase data tariff: Report

Reliance Jio users were able to access its LTE signals 91.6% of the time within six months of launch.

Reliance Jio 4G average speeds slowest in India: OpenSignal

Reliance Jio offers the slowest average 4G speeds in India. That's according to OpenSignal, a company that has an expertise of mapping out signal strength for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. In a report, the London-based company calculated average peak speed from December 2016 to February 2017.