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Good intentions are not enough

The AAP has scored poorly on basic governance and sound policy.

The Kiev contest

Today the Olympics are on Russian soil, and violence is convulsing another nation in Moscow’s traditional orbit.


Recalling the spirit of Lahore

This face to face meeting played an important role in resuming the dialogue process.

Loser on the field, winner off it

The BCCI’s powerplay will ensure Team India’s winless streak abroad is snapped — by reducing its yearly away tours.

When the state listens

Pre-legislative scrutiny is a first step towards greater transparency in law-making.

Tainted but worthwhile

Michael Ignatieff failed at politics, but strongly defends it.


Fuelled by ignorance

The AAP-led debate on gas pricing betrays a lack of understanding of the industry

Chinese takeaway: UPA’s Record

The Manmohan Singh government sought to build on Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s quest to find a political settlement to the boundary dispute with China.

View from the left: Parliament stalemate

Parliament stalemate Some political parties are attempting to use Parliament to further their campaign, the CPM journal People’s Democracy said. An editorial claimed that the “manner in which this session has been conceived and structured, created apprehensions at the outset about the government’s intention to use this session more as a launch pad for its […]

The pipe dream of peace

In Pakistan, the Taliban is negotiating in bad faith. Its choice of interlocutors for talks and list of demands confirm this.