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Thursday, July 07, 2022

online dating


Nervous about meeting someone new? Here's what you can do to manage 'dating anxiety'

February 25, 2022 4:28 pm

Familiarity can give you comfort, so request your date to meet you at a place that you know well.

What is 'haunting'? Everything you need to know about the latest dating trend

November 02, 2021 2:40 pm

'Haunting' can follow a breakup, or even 'ghosting'. Dating experts coined the name 'haunting', because it is super common around the world.

In a fast-moving pandemic, daters are taking it slow

September 02, 2021 3:29 pm

While not much hard data exists yet on the coronavirus’s effect on dating, surveys suggest plenty of people are taking re-entry into the dating field more slowly than previously expected

Dating from home: Here's an expert guide on dealing with matters of the heart

May 20, 2021 12:16 pm

Take breaks from stressful thoughts related to the pandemic and get to know someone virtually

Virtual vs real: Study reveals how Indians date in the 'new normal'

October 11, 2020 8:16 pm

The study mentions that 38 per cent of Indian millennials said they have been able to get to know their matches better through virtual dating.

Dating during quarantine: Bumble brings virtual dating badge as dating moves online

April 16, 2020 8:08 pm

Bumble now includes a “Virtual Dating” badge that will appear in users’ profiles who are open to date via video chat. This badge will allow Bumble users to find and filter their prospective matches based on who is looking to date virtually.

Are you 'Tinder tired'? Online daters looking for more than endless swiping

February 22, 2020 5:29 pm

While taboos surrounding online dating are long gone, some of today's app users are tired of the endless swiping and virtual pen-paling that leads nowhere when it comes to long-term relationships.

Dil Mil, Gleeden, Bumble: Here's why dating apps have taken a sudden liking to women

August 03, 2019 5:58 pm

Dil Mil to Gleeden and Bumble are a clear indicators of a new trend of women-focused dating apps. Here's what is driving more and more players to build dating apps in India that cater to women.

Andwemet, an exclusive dating site for Urban Indians above age of 30

June 15, 2019 9:04 pm

Are you above the age of 30? Here's how andwemet can help you meet your partner in India.

Education can boost men's chances of online dating

June 28, 2018 3:17 pm

A new study shows that women are more likely to prefer educated partners while dating online. Women usually pick men who are as educated as them or those who are more educated than them.