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Hardlook: Disappearing havelis of old Delhi and eroding heritage

Dotting the lanes of old Delhi are havelis that once stood out for their imposing doorways, marble arches and distinguished occupants. But that was decades ago. Ravaged by time and with no formal restoration plan in place, the grand structures are barely recognisable today. The Indian Express visits 12 mansions to understand how financial constraints and official apathy is eroding the capital's heritage

Qutab Road: An Old Delhi route that took many to second homes

According to INTACH convenor Dr Swapna Liddle, before the creation of New Delhi in the 20th Century, this was part of a long and frequently plied road extending to Mehrauli.


Fix Old Delhi issues before helping us: Haveli owners

Even as North DMC Mayor Adesh Gupta said, “It’s our moral responsibility to protect heritage buildings,” a few haveli owners expressed how “it’s unfair to list our homes as heritage properties without consulting us”.

Old Delhi beautification project: Electrician has to deal with tangled wires, angry bystanders, and a looming deadline

Overhead wires are being concealed as part of a recent beautification plan in Old Delhi. Singh, whose team is part of the project, has a lot to deal with: tangled wires, angry bystanders and a looming deadline.

This Ramadan, relish old Delhi's gastronomic delights

Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims is the most eventful festive month celebrated in old Delhi, with unending mouth-watering delicacies.

From Aloe Vera ka Halwa to Namkeen Kulfi: Satisfy your sweet cravings in the lanes of Old Delhi

Take a walk into these old lanes and indulge yourself with sweet delights!


Let’s fly: A day in the life of Anil Sood, a kabootarbaaz in Old Delhi

A contest in Agra was stopped on grounds of ‘cruelty’ to pigeons. For ustads such as Sood, the game popularised by Mughals keeps them thriving.

Music in the house: Can you hear Noor Jehan?

In Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, hear the hits of yesterday come alive on the gramophone.

Landmark 200-year-old sweet shop Ghantewala in Old Delhi shuts down

In the bylanes of the bazaar, it was routine to see hungry customers dodging rickshaws and fellow passersbys to make a beeline to the shop, famed for its mouthwatering 'Sohan halwa' and 'Karachi halwa', which "tasted like pure ghee."

Bakrid is festivities for some,livelihood for others

Goat traders from across the country gather at city’s bakri bazaar to sell goats and earn their annual income.

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Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif offers prayers at Jama Masjid

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday offered prayers at the historic Jama Masjid.