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Dramatic videos of waterspouts and tornadoes passing across Oklahoma go viral

Oklahoma has been going through a severe weather outbreak, and it has been a trouble for the residents of the place.

NBA: Russell Westbrook hits 20-20-20 milestone as Thunder beat Lakers

Russell Westbrook clinched the mark with a rebound in the final minute, drawing a large ovation from the home crowd. He finished with 20 points, 20 rebound and 21 assists.


NBA: Russell Westbrook unleashes profanity-laden tirade at fan after being provoked

Russell Westbrook argued with fans of the Utah Jazz, who knocked the Thunder out of the postseason last year.

Oklahoma City Thunder strike twice, level series with San Antonio Spurs

The top-seeded Spurs were outshot by 49 percent to 40 from the field.

Durant steals LeBron’s thunder as City turns on the heat

Kevin Durant won the opening round of his highly anticipated duel with LeBron James,scoring 36 points to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 105-94 victory

Oklahoma steal Spurs’ thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder reignited the Western Conference finals with a 102-82 home victory over the San Antonio Spurs