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Myanmar’s good news

Release of Reuters journalists from jail is reason to celebrate, at a time when more journalists are behind bars than ever before.

Meanwhile, police wait for word from Govt on what’s official secret

The Investigating Officer, Inspector Sunil Kumar, filed the chargesheet in court on April 17, 2015 and since then, police have met senior officials of the Ministry, sent multiple letters with reminders, but they have not received any “concrete response”.


Laws like Official Secrets Act conflate interests of particular parties with the greater good

The Official Secrets Act of 1923 (OSA) must be one of the most egregious instances of a law that infantilises common citizens through the notion that they should not question the idea of the “secret” itself. It must be contested.

‘Archaic, irrelevant’, Official Secrets Act needs a re-look: Hamid Ansari

Speaking at the B G Verghese Memorial Lecture on ‘Journalism in times of strident nationalism’, he said “strident nationalism has no hesitation in transcending and transgressing individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution."

Press groups slam OSA threat by Govt, Jaitley flags national security

At a briefing Thursday on Cabinet decisions, Jaitley said “it’s obvious” that “notings” of files of the Ministry of Defence, which are “sensitive interest to this country have been leaked out”.

Official Secrets Act: what it covers; when it has been used, questioned

In 1971, the Law Commission became the first official body to make an observation regarding OSA.


Explained: India's Official Secrets Act, its history and use

The Official Secrets Act: The most recent conviction under the Act came in 2018, when a Delhi court held former diplomat Madhuri Gupta, who had served at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, guilty under the OSA.

Failing the mandate

Reluctance of Myanmar’s civilian leadership to speak up for a free media betrays its fear of the military, lack of conviction.

Explain why you oppose changes to OSA, govt asks central agencies

NDA government has asked all the central intelligence and probe agencies to furnish credible reasons for their opposition to any such move.

Explained: It's a secret

IE explains the process by which the govt classifies information, and the relationship between Official Secrets Acts and RTI Acts.