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The right to nap: Indian employees wish to sleep a wink at work

According to a survey conducted by Wakefit, 70 per cent of 1,500 respondents said they do not have a 'nap room' at work and 86 per cent felt having one would boost their productivity. 

Changing dynamics of workplace strategy

Space efficiency was identified as the most popular initiative to reduce occupancy costs (55 per cent of respondents), closely followed by lease negotiation (40 per cent).


Prime Office Markets in the World: Delhi’s Connaught Place 5th most costliest

Connaught Place has been ranked fifth in the list of most expensive prime office markets in the world, according to a survey.

Off the Grid: A sabbatical can inspire you to quit, or rekindle your love for the job

But going on such breaks do need a lot of planning. You cannot simply pack your bags and leave.

Nine-to-five office timing best for your health

Workers with non-traditional schedules are likely to be overweight, experience sleep-related health problems and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

6 fears of employees who want to start their business

It is possible to face your fears and be successful.


Wearing a suit can change the way your brain works

Wearing formals to work can elicit feelings of power, which may change some mental processes, a new study suggests.

Revealed: Why some people learn quickly, and some slowly

The neural activity in quick learners is different from that in slow learners, reveals a study.

Flexible working hours make workers happy

Allowing workers to choose the slot of hours they want to work in is good for their well-being, says a study.

Picking a formal wear is tricky, here's what you should do

Shopping for non-casual wear can be a task in itself as you are unable to decide between what is appropriate and what’s not. Get some tips!

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NSUI protests against Ram Janmabhoomi seminar in DU

New Delhi, Jan 09 (ANI): The National Students' Union of India (NSUI) members staged a protest outside the Vice Chancellor's office on Saturday against the Delhi University's decision to allow a seminar on Ram Janmabhoomi temple. The agitators sat on a protest outside the Vice Chancellor's office and raised slogans against him. One of the protester said that the university is a place where programs regarding job providing should be initiated, rather than such seminars as it raises mixed feelings among the students.