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Mars' oceans formed much earlier than thought: Study

A new study estimates that oceans appeared on Mars' surface earlier than previously thought, a fact that could hasten the search for water on thre Red Planet.

Researchers find novel technique to measure ocean temperature, map global weather

Researchers have successfully been monitoring average temperatures of the ocean';s surface, in an attempt to understand how changes in temperature affect global weather conditions.


Ancient jumping genes may control coral bleaching in warming oceans

Scientists have found the genome responsible for coral bleaching, and has devised a method to improve its heat resistance, so it may survive in rising ocean temperatures.

Smallest microplastics present in ocean can be detected by fluorescent dye

A new research study has developed a fluorescent dye that can be used to detect microplastics in oceans.

White sharks can live for 70 years and longer

Researchers used radiocarbon dating to determine age estimates for adult white sharks in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean

From a lighthouse on Gopalpur beach,a small team kept eye on storm

A team of four officials led by Junior Engineer (Civil),G K Pramod,manned the lighthouse the entire night.


Drums and Bass

In April this year,Aditya Ashok made a trip to Palolem,Goa,by himself.

Oceans could be the future of nuclear power: scientists

Scientists are developing a cost-effective way to extract uranium from the oceans through special mats.

SL navy kills 26 rebels in ocean gunfight

Sri Lanka's navy killed 26 Tamil Tigers and destroyed four boats during a six-hour sea battle on Monday on the coast just off the sliver of land where the separatists are fighting.

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Saint West, North, Apple: Unusual celebrity baby names

While most couples aspire to choose unique names for their children, a few celebrities have crossed the line and seemed to have made the most unconventional picks.

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Exiled Tibetans criticise China for deploying missiles

Dharamsala, Feb 19 (ANI): Tibetans-in-exile on Friday criticised China’s move to deploy surface-to-air missiles on a disputed island in the South China Sea. The recent move by China stoked tensions between China and its Asian neighbours and the US. Tibetan government-in-exile spokesman Tashi Phuntsok said the move shows that China has imperial ambitions. He added that since there are claims and counter claims over South China Sea, which is an important sea route, international conflicts are bound to happen. Meanwhile, another Tibetan parliamentarian-in-exile Yeshi Phungstok said China might have maritime ambition to approach the Indian Ocean.