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Child does not like karela or bitter gourd? Get them to enjoy it with these healthy recipes

Bitter gourd or karela: It is very helpful for children suffering from juvenile diabetes as it plays a key role in reducing blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for obese children as it aids weight loss.

Microgreens: An effective way to include nutrients in your child's diet

Children can benefit to a great extent if microgreens are made part of their daily diet. These tiny and extremely adorable seedlings tend to have 40 times more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants than their mature counterparts.


Teach your kids healthy nutrition practices at an early age

The family environment has a primary influence in the development of food habits. Parents and siblings have a significant impact on the child's habits. It's the duty of parents to provide children with a proper balanced diet, and also give them the chance to choose healthy foods.

‘Delhi’s kids not eating enough fruit, vegetables’

The report’s findings reflect that children from higher-income homes are not necessarily consuming more vegetables than those from lower-income homes, despite greater ease of access.

Give your kids these immunity boosting foods

Nuts like almonds, walnuts and seeds like pumpkin and flaxseeds are good immune boosters. Nuts can be consumed whole or after being soaked. Seeds can be added to their cereal.

Food Wisdom

In Ultimate Grandmother Hacks, nutritionist Kavita Devgan makes a case for the traditional eating wisdom from our grandmother’s kitchens.


Eating food cooked on wood, coal may impair your lungs

It is because solid fuels emit very high levels of pollutants especially very small particles, which penetrate deep into lungs, the researchers explained.

Busting 6 nutrition myths for preteens

Avoid fat! This is the most dangerous diet and nutrition advice ever given and followed. I have seen girls lose their beautiful hair strands, get brittle nails and experience focus related issues in school, sports and at home as well.

National Nutrition Week: Is your family meeting its nutritional needs? Check this list!

Some indigenous sources of vitamins and minerals include vegetables and fruits. Consuming them raw is more beneficial.

Know your food: A beginner's guide to reading a food label

Did you know that eating a full bowl of chips means consuming almost 500-600 calories, which is the amount equivalent to a full meal? More interesting stuff to unearth here, read on!