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Refurbished KAPS-2 nuclear plant in Gujarat attains 'criticality'

KAPS comprises two units of indigenous 220MW (KAPS-1&2) Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR), which commenced commercial operations in 1993 and 1995 respectively.

Curb new nuclear plants and back renewables, UK government advisers say

Britain plans to build a new fleet of nuclear plants to replace ageing coal and nuclear reactors set to close in the 2020s as well as to help cut the country's carbon emissions.


US nuclear engineer found guilty of helping China, sentenced to 2 years

A US nuclear engineer has been sentenced in Tennessee to two years in prison as he pleaded guilty to helping China build reactors using US technology. Chief US district judge Tom Varlan said the case wasn't as serious as offenses involving weapons of mass destruction described in the law that he has pleaded guilty under.

Israel nuclear reactor defects spark secrecy dilemma

Tthere are growing calls for new safeguards and even a new research centre -- which could present the country with a decision on whether to acknowledge for the first time that it has nuclear weapons.

How strong is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's army?

"Military First" is the national motto of North Korea, which is ever wary of threats to its ruling regime and still technically at war with Washington and Seoul.

Pakistan army feels n-brinkmanship can bring India to its knees: Benazir Bhutto

Four years before assassination, Benazir Bhutto said India and Pakistan know they can never use the nuclear weapons in their arsenal


North Korea to stage its biggest celebration in years next month

North Korea is already in high gear as it prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of its ruling party.

Will stop Iran from acquiring nuke weapons at all costs: Israel

Israel considers a nuclear Iran an "existential threat" and has vowed to foil any attempt by the Islamic Republic to attain such a capability.

Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site

Iran would be allowed to run hundreds of centrifuges, but an International security will ensure no work towards an atomic bomb.

Iran, world powers reach deal opening nuke program

$4.2 billion in seized oil revenue would be released under the new deal between Iran and world powers

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The day the first and the only time atomic bombs were unleashed on Hiroshima, Japan

It was a day like no other. The day the first ever atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, during World War II.

Admiral Dhowan commissions INS Kadmatt into Indian Navy

Visakhapatnam, Jan 07 (ANI): Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R.K. Dhowan, on Thursday commissioned INS Kadmatt into the Indian Navy and said the ship is indigenously designed by the Indian Navy's in-house organization. He assured that commissioning of INS Kadmatt marks yet another milestone in the journey towards self-reliance and Make-in-India. About 90per cent of the ship is indigenous and is equipped to fight in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare conditions.