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Site of the worst nuclear power accident in US, Three Mile Island plant to shut down

Disaster struck in the early morning hours of March 28, 1979, when water-coolant pumps failed and a reactor overheated. There was a partial meltdown, and the plant was in crisis for several days. Radiation was purposefully released into the air to relieve pressure within the system.

Nuclear power remains important option to meet challenges of energy demand, climate change: India

"India attaches importance to the IAEA's work in different fields of nuclear science and supports its programme on nuclear fusion," said First Secretary in India's Permanent Mission to the UN Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu.


NASA could use nuclear rockets to power manned Mars mission

The race to reach a manned probe to Mars has heightened, as NASA might launch a nuclear-powered rocket to send astronauts to Mars.

Nuclear power: Uranium shipments hold up, but blip in generation

Power generation, of late has witnessed a marginal decline due to factors like tepid demand in the wake of a delayed industrial recovery and subdued bookings on account of domestic load

Why we need nuclear power

Solar power may be price competitive, but it is subject to vagaries of weather

NPCIL abandons Mithivirdi nuclear power plant plan; will shift to Andhra Pradesh

Following the nuclear deal between India and United States during the tenure of previous UPA-II government, the NPCIL had proposed a nuclear power project in Chhaya-Mithivirdi village.


US firm, NPCIL to set up 6 nuclear reactors in India

Agreement on setting up the reactors to be the major outcome of PM Modi's scheduled US visit.

Witch-hunt on to limit Pakistan's nuclear capabilities: Daily

An editorial "Nuclear Interference" in The Nation on Saturday said that too much of a flurry has been created about Pakistan having the “fastest growing nuclear arsenal” in the world.

US asks Pakistan to show 'restraint' in expanding nuclear power

Pakistan will retain its capabilities for the foreseeable future as a necessary deterrent against perceived existential threats from India: Reports

China working on world's largest nuclear power expansion

The new plant will take the number of China's nuclear power units under construction to 26, perceived as number one in scale in the world.