Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

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Tony Abbott to visit India next week; uranium deal tops agenda

Australia holds about a third of the world's recoverable uranium resources, and exports nearly 7,000 tonnes a year.

Oz rules out uranium export to Pak

Smith,who is set to leave for India on Tuesday,said he was a strong supporter of uranium export to India,calling it an exceptional case.


India asks Oz to reverse policy of not selling uranium to it

Krishna urged the Australian government to reverse its policy of not selling uranium to India.

If not now,never

The peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.” That was the vision held out by President Barack Obama last year in Prague and it needs a new nuclear road map.

The nuclear family

Next week,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be attending the nuclear security summit in Washington DC.

In new policy,Obama limits use of nukes

The Obama administration unveiled a new policy on Tuesday restricting US use of nuclear weapons but sent a stern message to nuclear-defiant Iran and North Korea that they remain potential targets.


Uranium sale: Oz to stand by its decision unless India signs NPT

Australia said it will stand by its decision of not allowing export of uranium to India unless New Delhi signs Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Obama promises a 'world without N-weapons'

Setting a 'goal of a world without nuclear weapons',the new administration of Barack Obama promised to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and secure loose nuke materials from terrorists.