Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

nuclear deal


Macron says Iran nuclear deal remains possible

July 24, 2022 10:57 am

France's president "expressed his disappointment" at the lack of progress after the suspension of talks in Vienna. He said that Iran needed to return to the accord and implement its nuclear commitments, the Elysee statement said.

Iran says several arrested in nuclear facility sabotage plot

March 15, 2022 12:49 pm

Iranian authorities regularly report claims of dismantling spy and other networks seeking to harm Iran, but seldom offer any evidence.

Iran may answer UN nuclear questions as deal talks near end

March 06, 2022 3:19 pm

A joint statement by Mohammad Eslami, the head of the civilian Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and Rafael Mariano Grossi of the International Atomic Energy, came hours after the two met in Tehran.

Israeli PM: Iran nuke deal will bring 'more violent' Mideast

February 21, 2022 7:28 am

Under Trump, the U.S. re-imposed heavy sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Tehran has responded by increasing the purity and amounts of uranium it enriches and stockpiles, in breach of the accord — formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

Decision on Iran nuclear deal days away, ball in Tehran's court - France

February 17, 2022 9:33 am

Western diplomats previously indicated they hoped to have a breakthrough by now, but tough issues remain unresolved. Iran has rejected any deadline imposed by Western powers.

Iran's supreme leader: Vienna offers 'not worth looking at'

April 15, 2021 9:26 am

European powers meanwhile warned Tehran its actions were "particularly regrettable" and "dangerous".

Explained: A look at Iran's nuclear program, a year after Trump's withdrawal from the 2015 accord with world powers

June 17, 2019 7:34 pm

The June 27 deadline comes ahead of another, July 7 deadline for Europe to come up with better terms for Iran to stay in the accord. If that second deadline passes without any action, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic likely will resume higher uranium enrichment.

Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium: Officials

May 21, 2019 12:54 pm

Tehran has set a July 7 deadline for Europe to set new terms for the deal, or it will enrich closer to weapons-grade levels in the Middle East that is already on edge.

Kremlin blames US for Iran nuclear deal roll-back, urges restraint

May 08, 2019 4:02 pm

Iran said earlier on Wednesday it had started scaling back parts of its commitments under the deal and threatened to do more if world powers did not protect it from US sanctions, a year after Washington pulled out of the pact.