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Kerry: US won't block foreign business deals under nuke deal

Iran, as well as foreign banks and governments, have been clamoring for clarity, but it was not clear that Kerry's remarks would provide it.


Iran votes in vital elections post nuclear deal

Iranians vote on Friday in elections billed by the moderate president as vital to curbing conservative dominance in parliament and speeding up domestic reforms after a nuclear deal with world powers.

Revised nuclear deal between S. Korea, US to enter effect

South Korea has been seeking the ability to enrich uranium to produce nuclear fuel, which it says will help reduce import costs and support its reactor exports.

India, Australia nuclear deal to come into force

After the meeting, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup described it as “milestone achievement” as the two PMs announced completion of procedures for the agreement.

In final step, top Iranian council approves nuclear deal

Iranian state television reported that the Guardian Council, one of the top leadership bodies in Iran's cleric-ruled system, gave final approval to a bill passed by parliament to implement the deal.


Iran parliament approves historic nuclear deal with world powers

However, Iran's 12-member Guardian Council could refer the bill back to parliament for more discussion.

UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuclear work site

The revelation on Wednesday riled Republican lawmakers in the U.S. who have been severely critical of a broader agreement to limit Iran's future nuclear programs.

For North Korea, Iran-style nuclear deal not an option

North Korea has been blunt: Its nuclear weapons are not a bargaining chip; it is already a member of the nuclear club.

Barack Obama calls GOP criticism of Iran deal 'ridiculous,' 'sad'

The Republican candidates are united in their opposition to the deal, saying Obama has left Iran on the brink of building a bomb and done nothing to address Tehran's support for terrorism.