The final draft of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) was published on July 30, 2018. The final list excluded the names of around 40 lakh people. Of the 3.29 crore people who had filled in their applications, only 2.89 crore found their names in the draft list. The issue was raised in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the monsoon session, with Opposition leaders protesting against the move. Those who figured in electoral rolls up to March

24, 1971, or who are descendants of such citizens, are eligible for inclusion in the updated NRC.

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NRC defective, doomsday if India becomes Islamic: Meghalaya HC

He said Pakistan declared itself an Islamic country and India should have also been declared a Hindu country but “it remained as a secular country”.

Assam NRC: SC extends deadline for filing claims and objections to December 31

Earlier, the apex court had fixed December 15 as the last date to submit claims and objections for the 40 lakh applicants who were left out of the final NRC draft.

Govt must order suo motu verification of ‘illegal migrants’: Assam students body on NRC

The All Assam Students’ Union is one of the 10 stakeholders in the NRC updation case that is being monitored by the Supreme Court.

India is not a 'dharamshala' for illegal immigrants: Amit Shah on NRC

Taking on opposition over the issue, the BJP chief alleged that the intruders have been used as a vote bank for 70 years and they are a threat to the country, whereas BJP believes in taking tough decisions which are in the interest of the country.


Assam: 40 lakh out, only 7 lakh claims in as NRC deadline nears

The final draft NRC had listed 2.8 crore people, leaving out 40 lakh applicants, with the Supreme Court fixing December 15 as the last day for them to submit ‘Claims and Objections’.

Assam NRC: 3.5 lakh out of 40 lakh excluded in draft list apply for inclusion so far

Besides, less than 100 applications have been received by the authorities challenging the inclusion of the names of suspected illegal immigrants in the NRC, a list of Assam's residents.

Amit Shah dials down rhetoric on illegal migrants

The Indian Express analysed text and videos of Shah’s speeches posted on the BJP’s official website since September 8 and found a gradual but clear toning down of rhetoric: in at least eight public rallies that he addressed, Shah did not refer even once to the NRC or illegal migrants.

Indigenous tribal bodies in Sikkim demand National Register of Citizens

Various ethnic groups have accused the Sikkim government of taking a casual approach that led to the 'phenomenal changes in the state's demographic composition'.

Supreme Court allows five more papers for NRC claim, last date extended

The solution, the bench said, was “rigorous verification” as suggested by coordinator Hajela. It “allowed” Hajela “through his team” to carry out “a vigorous process of verification to ensure that only eligible persons are included in the NRC”.

Assam NRC: Supreme Court extends deadline to December 15, allows 5 additional documents

The five documents that NRC state coordinator Prateek Hajela had requested the court to exclude from his report are the 1951 NRC, voter lists up to March 24, 1971, citizenship certificates, refugee registration certificates and ration cards issued prior to March 24, 1971.

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What is the Assam NRC and what it means to be left out of it

With 40 lakh people being left out of the Assam NRC, there is a huge debate on what their future is. Here's a look at what the Assam NRC is and how the government is addressing the controversies.

40 lakh people left out of Assam NRC: News in Numbers

What does it mean for 40 lakh people to be left out of the Assam NRC? Let's put the number in perspective. Take a look in today's News in Numbers.


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