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The great Game Folio: Ocean Diplomacy

Multilateral diplomacy is an important but minor part of a new Indian Ocean strategy that New Delhi needs to develop.

Oz Oppn criticises govt for not selling uranium to India

Coalition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie attacked the Labor's continued refusal to sell uranium to India.


Australia snubs India,refuses to lift ban on Uranium sale

Australia wants to force India to sign the NPT before it will sell the much-needed uranium.

'Selling uranium to India not beneficial for Australia'

Selling uranium to India would give signals to other nations that Canberra was not serious on adhering to NPT,a former diplomat said.

'Obama should stop asking India to join NPT as non-nuke state'

Former US officials said Obama should endorse India's bid for permanent seat in the UNSC.

India's N-ambition runs up into China's

U.S. firms eye India's $150 bn N-energy sector; China plans to sell reactors to ally Pak...


Chinese N-reactor to Pak would breach protocol

China is all set to announce its intent to provide to Pakistan two nuclear-power reactors,according to a prominent American nuclear expert who said this would breach international protocol about the trade of nuclear equipment and material.

Consensus costs

Broad agreement,but little achieved in taming the menace of nuclear proliferation....

Iran greatest threat to NPT in Middle East: Obama

Seeking strengthening of the global non-proliferation regime,Obama said the greatest threat to NPT in the Middle East is Iran's failure to live up to its international obligations.

Nuclear treaty talks on brink of failure: Diplomats

Talks on shoring up the global anti-nuclear arms treaty were on the edge of failure as the US and its allies clashed with Egypt over a push to pressure Israel to scrap any atom bombs it has.