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North Korea fires two projectiles after offering talks with US

North Korea launched projectiles hours after it offered to resume nuclear diplomacy if the US made acceptable new proposals.

North Korea wants UN staff cut, but UN says they're vital

North Korea wants the number of UN international staff in the country reduced by the end of the year over what it claims is the politicization of aid by parties hostile to its government, but the UN says the mission's "light footprint" is vital.


North Korea changes constitution to solidify Kim Jong Un’s rule

The move comes after Kim was formally named head of state and commander-in-chief of the military in a new constitution in July that analysts said was possibly aimed at preparing for a peace treaty with the United States.

North Korea tests new 'super-large' multiple rocket launcher, Trump says not happy

The Korean Central News Agency says Saturday's weapons test was successful and cited Kim as saying the rocket launcher is "indeed a great weapon".

North Korea's latest short-range missile launch complicates US attempts for talks

Saturday's launch was the seventh by North Korea since US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met at the inter-Korean border in June.

Kim Jong Un expresses 'great satisfaction' over North Korea weapons tests

Pyongyang's Korean Central News Agency said that following Friday's launches, Kim expressed "great satisfaction" over his military's "mysterious and amazing success rates" in recent testing activity and vowed to build up "invincible military capabilities no one dare provoke."


UN probing 35 North Korean cyberattacks in 17 countries

The report to the Security Council gives details on some of the North Korean cyberattacks as well as the country's successful efforts to evade sanctions on coal exports in addition to imports of refined petroleum products and luxury items including Mercedes Benz S-600 cars.

Explained: Japan, South Korea's trade war puts military intelligence-sharing pact at stake

The agreement took years of discussion and saw a near-collapse at one point. Any military cooperation with Japan is difficult because of strong resentment against Japanese brutality during its 1910-1945 colonization of the Korean Peninsula.

Donald Trump says North Korea's Kim Jong Un sent 'very beautiful letter'; new meeting possible

Trump told reporters at the White House the letter was hand-delivered on Thursday, but did not say who delivered it.

Move over Chanel: North Korea's 'raccoon eye makers' get state push

Promoting home-grown beauty has been a political strategy since the days of state founder Kim Il Sung, but has become more focused under his foreign-educated grandson, Kim Jong Un.

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North Koreans pay respect to founding leader Kim Il-sung on 25th death anniversary

Hundreds of North Koreans visit the national monument in Pyongyang to pay tribute to country's founder Kim Il-sung. The communist state organises various programmes and concerts to mark this event.

Kim Jong Un meets Vladimir Putin in Russia

Kim Jong Un became the first North Korean leader to travel to Russia since his late father, Kim Jong Il, visited in 2011.


Drones and gymnasts: North Korea marks 70th anniversary with military parade

Pyongyang residents, who trained for months for the anniversary, held up the bouquets to spell out words and slogans.

Joy, disbelief as Korean families separated by war meet after 65 years

About 90 families from North and South Korea wept and embraced as the neighbors held their first reunion events in three years for relatives wrenched apart by the Korean War for more than six decades.

The secret rendezvous: When Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping met

North Korea's Kim Jong Un travelled to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in a "secret meeting".

Glimpses of life inside North Korea, the world's most isolated country

The Indian Express visited Pyongyang in North Korea earlier this month for an AFC Cup football match between Bengaluru FC and North Korean military club, 4.25 SC. Mihir Vasavda captures some of the images of the life of people in this reclusive nation under its leader Kim Jong-un.


N-Korea jails US student Otto Warmbier for 15 years with hard labour

Otto Warmbier, a student at the University of Virginia, was arrested in North Korea in early January on charges of "hostile acts" against the state, according to the country's official news agency KCNA.

Water parks and volleyball: Unseen pictures from inside North Korea

A peek into the daily life in North Korea.

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World News Wrap | 'Football in the only victor': US, Mexico and Canada to host 2026 World Cup

‘No longer a nuclear threat from North Korea’: US President Donald Trump, on his return from Singapore after meeting Kim Jong Un, said there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea. Taking to Twitter, he said, “Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I […]

World News Wrap — Trump-Kim Summit: The hidden messages you missed in these gestures

The US President and the North Korean leader met at the "neutral" destination on Tuesday. With the world watching, they shook hands, smiled for the cameras and agreed to further bilateral ties.


North Korea plutonium production resumed, says US intelligence chief

North Korea, which launched a long range rocket on Sunday in defiance of international warnings, has restarted plutonium production, according to US intelligence services. Pyongyang announced in September that it would be resuming operations at its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon. The reactor there has been the source of plutonium for North Korea’s nuclear programme. […]

North Korea launches rocket, defying international warnings

North Korea has defied international warnings and launched a long-range rocket. Pyongyang had notified UN agencies that it planned to carry out the launch, an announcement which triggered opposition from governments that see it as a long-range missile test. It said the rocket was being used to carry an Earth observation satellite. North Korea also […]

DMRK's action affects peace of India: MEA

New Delhi, Jan 06 (ANI): Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup on Wednesday said he has seen the reports of the nuclear test that has been conducted in North Korea, and it is a matter of concern. He also said that Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DMRK) is doing wrong deeds, which adversely impact on peace and stability of India.

Family reunions between the two Koreas continue after 20-month gap

For the first time since February 2014 South Koreans are being allowed into the North for family reunions.