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Govt to present Vote on Account by February 15

A full Budget for 2014-15 will be presented later this year,around July by a new government after the General Elections.

Coffee houses to open beneath both fountains at Vijay Chowk

Rs 14 lakh to remodel the semi-underground structure below the fountains.


Business Confidential

Taxmen shift out of Raisina,cart FM too.

Air India's plan to trim workforce stuck with Finance Ministry

Air India's plan to trim its 27,000 bloated workforce is stuck in the North Block,with the Finance Ministry.

US centre roped in to check monkey menace

From the seats of power in the Capital,North Block and South Block,to elsewhere in the country,the rising population of the Indian Rhesus Macaque

Counter-terrorism centre set to lose powers to search,seize and arrest

It is learnt that a revised cabinet note is being prepared for the Cabinet Committee on Security.


Budget,a watershed on the macro front

The finance minister has done a remarkable job in his comeback stint at North Block.

Union Budget for 2013-14: Sweet or bitter?

Finance Minister P Chidambaram will tomorrow present Budget in the Parliament.

Fire at Finance Ministry room in North Block

A minor fire was reported from one of the rooms on the first floor of North Block on Friday afternoon.

Lit beedi triggered the Home Ministry fire: Report

The inquiry into the fire near the Home Ministry office in North Block has revealed that the trigger was a lit beedi discarded on a stack of waste paper lying in a corner.