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In a first, Mumbai University to host Nobel laureate Sir Richard John Roberts

Roberts, who currently works at New England Biolabs, was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Phillip Allen Sharp for the discovery of introns in eukaryotic DNA and the mechanism of gene-splicing. 

Nobel laureate to give speech at Kashmir University today

“He will deliver a lecture at a symposium in Kashmir University,” an official from the organising committee said.


Nobel laureate Toni Morrison's papers to be housed at Princeton

Papers of Nobel laureate Toni Morrison are now part of the permanent library collection of Princeton University.

Muslims scared of Modi: Amartya

Nobel laureate says ‘very important election’, to vote today after 13 years.

Works by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez was among Latin America's most popular writers.

‘Gujarat model has weaknesses on social side’

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen on Thursday said the Gujarat development model suffered from weaknesses on the social side and could not,therefore,be considered a success.


Bangla govt to take legal action against Nobel laureate

A decision to this effect was taken at a cabinet meeting after the government received a report from the National Board of Revenue.

Rabindranath Tagore changed the mindset of India: Chandresh Kumari Katoch

Rabindranath Tagore has encouraged Indians to educate their children.

Muhammad Yunus faces fresh probe

Bangla govt takes steps to curtail the powers of Nobel laureate and Grameen Bank founder.

Abdus Salam's son flays Pak hypocrisy

Ahmad Salam said his father was treated "hypocritically" due to his Ahmadiya background.