Noah News

Emma Watson splits from boyfriend Matthew Janney

'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson has reportedly broken up with Oxford rugby star boyfriend Matthew Janney.

I'll not be returning for 'Man Of Steel' sequel: Russell Crowe

Actor Russell Crowe will not be reprising his role as Superman's father in the 'Man Of Steel' sequel.


Noah review

NOAH was arguably the world's first superhero, certainly the first whose story lends itself well to CGI/3D-enhanced telling.

Russell Crowe, Emma Watson take dance lessons together

The duo took Viennese waltz lessons to give themselves a break in between their exhaustive film shoot for 'Noah'.

Stop release

Hollywood blockbuster Noah faces ban in Arab world

Emma Watson fell sick while filming 'Noah'

The actress was forced to drink stagnant water out of thirst while filming the movie.


Emma Watson to star in 'Noah'

The 22-year-old actress will play the love interest of prophet Noah's son,Shem.