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World No Tobacco Day 2019: 'Smokeless tobacco is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette'

Health experts highlight that smokeless tobacco is as addictive as smoking a cigarette and hence should not be seen as an alternative to quit smoking as the severe health impacts will still remain.

World No Tobacco Day 2019: How smokeless tobacco increases the risk of oral cancer

Unlike smoked tobacco that is used periodically during the day, smokeless tobacco is used constantly, exposing users to high levels of nicotine throughout the day, resulting in high levels of dependence.


Rotary Club marks No Tobacco Day

The World No Tobacco Day was observed by Rotary Club,Ludhiana greater,at Jamalpur.

‘Stringent measures needed to bring tobacco use down’

Expressing concern over the high prevalence of oral cancer in India,experts have warned that unless tobacco is curbed through stringent measures,it would have a disastrous effect on the future generations and mar the health profile of the nation.

Clearing the Smoke

May 31 was observed as No Tobacco Day in the city. Several organisations held rallies and workshops on the occasion.

Rs 2,900 in fines on Day 1 of FDA anti-tobacco drive

With May 31 being No Tobacco Day,the Food and Drug Administration launched a two-day drive against vendors selling tobacco products near educational institutions in the city.


Medics issue advisory on No Tobacco Day

With the world observing No Tobacco Day on May 31,medics have issued advisories to people to abstain from consumption of all forms of tobacco.

Soon,Mohali will be a tobacco-free zone

Mohali will soon be declared the country’s first ‘No Tobacco Zone’. Punjab will ban the sale and storage of tobacco products — a genuine tribute to Guru Gobind Singh’s eldest son Sahibzada Ajit Singh,in whose memory Mohali was developed as an industrial township in the early 70s.