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Rejecting Pak claim to Nizam funds, UK court rules in favour of India

The Nizam’s descendants, Prince Mukarram Jah, the titular eighth Nizam of Hyderabad, and his younger brother Muffakham Jah, had joined hands with the Indian government in the legal battle against the Pakistan government over some 35 million pounds lying with the National Westminster Bank in London.

Nizam fund dispute: Pakistan loses UK court case against Osman Ali Khan's family

The focal point of the dispute was 1,007,940 pounds and nine shillings, which was transferred in 1948 by the then Nizam of Hyderabad to the high commissioner in Britain of the newly-formed state of Pakistan.


India-Pakistan clash over Nizam of Hyderabad funds in UK

The dispute revolves around 1,007,940 pounds and nine shillings that were transferred in 1948 from the then Nizam of Hyderabad to the high commissioner in Britain of the newly-formed Pakistan.

Hyderabad: Two held in museum theft case, police say they wanted to get taste of Nizam luxury

According to the police, Ghouse planned the heist meticulously but did not plan how to dispose the valuables.

Hyderabad: Gold tiffin box, jewel studded cup, other artefacts stolen from Nizam's Museum

A security official said guards opened the room in the third gallery Monday morning and noticed that the gold tiffin box was missing along with the cup, a saucer and a spoon, following which they informed the police.

Nawab Fazal Jah, son of Hyderabad's last Nizam dies

Nawab Fazal Jah (72) was admitted to a private hospital on last Thursday night and died yesterday, said Nawab Najaf Ali Khan, grandson of the seventh Nizam and president of the Nizam Family Welfare Association.


Kate Middleton dazzles in Nizam of Hyderabad diamonds

Prince William's wife Kate Middleton dazzled onlookers at a dinner for London's National Portrait Gallery with a diamond necklace borrowed from the queen.

Nizam of Hyderabad's 34-carat 'pink diamond Princie' sells for Rs 200 cr at Christie's auction

Once owned by the world's richest man,the diamond was the star attraction at the auction.

Hasan Ali,four others booked for 'stealing' Nizam's antiques

Police told that Khan colluded with Salar Jung Museum's custodian to steal expensive artefacts.

Old Divas on (W)heels

A beauty contest of a different kind took place at the Jaipur Polo Grounds in Delhi on Saturday.