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Explained: Renault-Nissan alliance at a crossroad, what next

The monumental task of adapting to an industry that is embracing electrification and self-driving vehicles also adds pressure on Nissan and Renault to merge.

Hit with arrest of former chairman Carlos Ghosn, Nissan profit nose-dives

Yokohama-based Nissan said profit for the fiscal year through March 2020 will drop to 170 billion yen ($1.5 billion), as restructuring and product development expenses combined with currency-related losses and rising material costs slam earnings.


Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn to walk free, again, after court sets bail at $4.5 mn

The Tokyo District Court said in a statement that it had approved a bail request from Ghosn's defence team and set bail at 500 million yen ($4.5 million).

Adding to Carlos Ghosn woes, Nissan set to further slash profit outlook: report

Since his ouster at Nissan in November, Ghosn has accused his former colleagues of a boardroom coup aimed at scotching his plan to merge Nissan and Renault.

Ex-Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge

The case has rocked the global auto industry and also shone a harsh light on Japan's judicial system, which critics refer to as "hostage justice" as defendants who deny their charges are often not granted bail.

Nissan to cut global production by 15 per cent: Nikkei

Shares in Nissan, mired in a financial misconduct scandal involving Ghosn and the company itself, were trading down 1.2 per cent early on Friday, versus a 0.6 per cent rise in the broader market.


Explained: Arrested, again — Why former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has been detained, what is different now?

Carlos Ghosn was arrested again on suspicion of funnelling $5 million from payments made by a Nissan subsidiary to a third party for personal gain. An internal Nissan investigation has identified the party as a Nissan distributor in Oman.

Detained again, Nissan's ex-chief Carlos Ghosn says latest arrest is 'outrageous'

The arrest comes a day after Ghosn pledged on Twitter to hold a news conference on April 11 to "tell the truth" about the allegations against him. "After being wrongly imprisoned for 108 days, my biggest hope and wish today is for a fair trial," Ghosn added in the emailed statement.

Embattled former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn arrested in Tokyo over new accusations

Prosecutors took Ghosn from his apartment in Tokyo early in the morning, according to the state broadcaster NHK, which reported that the arrest was on suspicion of “aggravated breach of trust” related to payments to a Nissan dealer in Oman.

Carlos Ghosn 'disappointed' at ban from Nissan board meet, wants to fulfill duties

Released on $9 million bail last week after spending more than 100 days in a Tokyo detention centre, Ghosn faces charges of under-reporting his salary at Nissan by about $82 million over nearly a decade.

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Japanese carmaker Nissan showcases future technology

Yokohama/Los Angles, Jan 21 (ANI): Japanese carmaker Nissan recently invited 59 journalists, bloggers and car club members from six countries in Asia and Oceania. As part of the Nissan 360 Asia and Oceania event, the guests visited the global headquarters of Nissan in Yokohama city. Participants from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia joined together to experience what Nissan is all about. Starting from the Nismo Festival held at Fuji racetrack, where 35,000 Nissan race fans congregated at the foot of Mt Fuji. Nissan 360 event is aimed for the participants to get know and experience a wide perspective about the Nissan brand. The event's theme is "Discover Nissan" - Guests experienced firsthand new and future product and technology through the six-day-long program. Participants experienced Nissan heritage tours at the memorial cabinet in Japan's Zama city. The Nissan 360 event program has been designed to understand Nissan from all destinations - its past, present and future. Participants also received the state-of-the-art technology introduction in Nissan Advanced Technology Development Center. The test ride was the showcase of Nissan's latest and greatest vehicles for both road and track use as well as concept models that will soon hit the roads. The Nissan 360 event has received a very favorable reception from the participants. Nissan will to continue the event to communicate and promote to the motor fans.