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Night shift may put women at increased cancer risk: study

Among female nurses alone, those who worked the night shift had an increased risk of breast (58 per cent), gastrointestinal (35 per cent), and lung cancer (28 per cent) compared with those that did not work night shifts.

Night shift: Working to make your path smoother

Though barricades have been put up on a stretch opposite Girgaum Chowpatty, there is too much movement to start work yet.


Night shift: 25-year-old stall dishes out 400 omelettes a night

The customers continue even after the last train leaves Churchgate at 1am. Many, looking for food after all eateries in the area are shut, do not go disappointed.

Cops on wheels in Mumbai: Keeping their weight and crime in check

The customised bicycles painted in blue does not have multiple gears as they have to be ridden at “walking pace” and no ring-bells that may disturb runners.

Cold business sense makes his kulfis cooler

A Class 11 pass-out of a government school in Andheri, Sawant says he made major changes to how his father and grandfather did the same business.

Night shift: Tired office workers stop for their little breaks at this ‘cyclewallah’

Around 1 am or a little later, Fazlu cycles off to home, in a slum not far from the General Post Office (GPO). He lives there with his wife and a son who has found work as a driver.


Night shift- Taxi service: When ‘Dubeyji’ is around, reaching home safe at night is smooth

When Dubey had moved to Mumbai from his native village in Uttar Pradesh some 30 years ago, he had a dream, just like all others who come to the city: to make a name for himself.

Back on track

If forced on you,even holidays are not acceptable,I had realised.

Working in shifts ups risk of injury on the job

A new study says that those who work night and rotating shifts are twice as likely to be injured on the job.

Night-shift can make you obese,prone to heart disease

A study has revealed that it can make one obese because it slows down the natural metabolism,raising the risk of cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.