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US federal agents arrest protesters occupying Venezuelan Embassy

The activists oppose U.S. intervention in Venezuela to oust President Nicolas Maduro in favour of Guaido, self-proclaimed interim president of the OPEC-member nation.

US calls for `concrete actions' against Nicolas Maduro's repression

The United States is calling on all nations "to be prepared to take concrete actions" to respond to repression by President Nicolas Maduro's regime in Venezuela


Venezuela's Maduro tightens pressure on opposition

The United States says Russia-backed Maduro was elected illegitimately and that Guaido should lead Venezuelans to free elections after years of turmoil. Maduro describes Guaido as a collaborator in a US-engineered coup plot.

Afraid to touch Juan Guaido, Nicolas Maduro plays waiting game in Caracas

Venezuela settles back into its strange status quo, with the armed forces sticking by Maduro, who won a rigged re-election last year, and the Trump administration standing by Guaido, the lawmaker more than 50 nations recognize as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

Venezuelan protests peter out as Maduro hangs on; US and Russia squabble

Guaido had called for the "largest march" in Venezuela's history and said on Twitter that "millions of Venezuelans" were in the streets in "this final phase" of his move to oust Nicolas Maduro.

Military action in Venezuela 'possible', if required: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

In a televised interview, White House national security adviser John Bolton said that Mike Pompeo was scheduled to speak with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over the situation in Venezuela. 


Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido claims military support to take power

Juan Guaido, the head of the National Assembly, has said the constitution makes him the nation’s rightful leader because Maduro stole his election last year. The US and dozens of other nations recognise him as the president.

After years of denial, Venezuela’s President allows aid to enter

After years denying that the country was suffering a humanitarian crisis, the Venezuelan government on Tuesday allowed the Red Cross to send in 24 tons of medical equipment into the country.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Venezuelan migrants in Colombia

The opposition, with the support of the US and other countries, claimed Maduro's re-election last year to be illegitimate because leading critics were barred from running.

Venezuela 'new government' could get $10 billion in trade financing: Steve Mnuchin

Venezuela is mired in a deep economic crisis marked by widespread food and medicine shortages and hyperinflation, while millions have fled to neighboring countries.