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Nicolas Cage on Midsommar director Ari Aster: He's a real student of film

Nicolas Cage, who has worked with celebrated directors ranging from Brian De Palma to Werner Herzog, called Ari Aster a "real student of film".

Nicolas Cage to star in Jiu Jitsu

Nicolas Cage will feature in sci-fi martial arts movie Jiu Jitsu. Dimitri Logothetis is writing and directing the film.


Nicolas Cage to play another Spider-Man in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Nicolas Cage will be voicing the character of Spider-Man Noir. Noir is an alternate reality version of Spider-Man set during the time of Great Depression (1930s) and as the name suggests, it is a much darker take on the character.

I'd make a great Joker or a good villain in one of the Marvel movies: Nicolas Cage

The Humanity Bureau actor Nicolas Cage said he has moved onto other things as his comic book days are behind him. However, he has expressed his keen interest in playing the Joker character on-screen.

Birthday special: Nicolas Cage's craziest moments

As Nicolas Cage turns 54 today, let us look at the top five moments when the actor, for want of a better word, immersed himself into the role and went, well, batshit crazy.

Nicolas Cage hands dinosaur skull to US government

Nicolas Cage has handed over an illegally imported dinosaur skull that he had purchased in 2007 to the US government.


Missing Ohio teen found weeks after Nicolas Cage's involvement

An Ohio teen whose stepfather asked Nicolas Cage to help publicise a national search for her has been rescued from a month-long sex assault ordeal.

Nicolas Cage feels positive about 'Superman Lives' not being made

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage says he feels positive about the fact that his "Superman Lives" movie was never made.

Alchemy acquires distribution rights for Nicolas Cage's 'The Runner'

Upcoming political drama "The Runner", stars Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage.

Matt Lanter to star in Nicolas Cage's 'USS Indianapolis'

Matt Lanter has been cast as the second lead opposite Nicolas Cage in the film "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage".