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US warns Nicaragua is following path of Syria and Venezuela

A report released last Wednesday by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights on four months of unrest in the country described government repression that stretched from the streets to courtrooms, where some protesters face terrorism charges.

Nicaragua to expel United Nations team after critical report

Guillermo Fernandez Maldonado, chief of the UN's human rights mission in Nicaragua, said in a news conference Friday that he and his team would leave the country Saturday.


Nicaragua President rejects early elections, US rebukes crackdown

Daniel Ortega said there is no sense in holding early elections as the opposition would not accept an unfavourable result.

Nicaragua's Ortega battling protests, calls for peace on anniversary

Ortega won re-election in late 2016 with 72 per cent of the vote, but a poll in May by CID Gallup showed his approval ratings had fallen to 29 per cent.

Organization of American States condemn human right abuses in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association had tallied 351 deaths between April 19 and July 10. The government says more than 200 people have been killed since the unrest began.

UN chief demands end to Nicaragua violence, hundreds protest President Ortega

At least 275 people have died since unrest broke out in April, according to the Nicaraguan rights group CENIDH, when President Daniel Ortega attempted to trim pension benefits.


After major protests, national strike empties streets in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been convulsed by unrest since April when its leftist president proposed reducing pension benefits to cover a social security shortfall.

Violence claims more lives in Nicaragua as unrest continues

The attacks began Friday evening, hours after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights presented a report signaling the Nicaraguan government as having violated human rights during the protests, which started in mid-April

Nicaragua peace talks hit snag, death toll hits 170

Ortega, the leader of the Sandinista rebel movement in the 1980s, quickly abandoned the planned spending cuts. But the subsequent violent crackdown on protesters fueled nationwide demonstrations against him. 

Nicaragua president's foes stage nationwide strike

Ortega's administration has said protesters are vandals trying to destabilize his government and undermine democracy in one of the Western Hemisphere's poorest countries.