NH7 News

Moshpit Calling

As the music festival season nighs, NH7 Weekender releases a line-up with a few surprises

The One with Pop Hooks

Kolkata-based Nischay Parekh,who performed at all four editions of NH7 Weekender,is the new kid on the block.


Two’s Company

Delhi-based electronic outfit FuzzCulture talk about their debut EP,which is a mix of genres.

Stage on wheels

The Red Bull Tour Bus serves as a touring vehicle and a stage for bands to perform on,and will launch in India in October

Prelude to the frenzy

A series of NH7 pre-parties are lined up across Mumbai,Pune and Goa as a prelude to the 'happiest' music festival in Pune

Weekender Getaways

Earlier this month,Only Much Louder announced the dates of the NH7 Weekender for the annual music festival’s Delhi and Bangalore outings.


Stairway to Heaven Fell Short

The first day of the NH7 Weekender saw some nice acts and a feeble turnout.