‘NGMA is a space for artists, they should be allowed to say what they have to say’

The NGMA Director General says Amol Palekar had every right to say what he wanted but he was misinformed, denies any move to curtail space to independent artists, explains why the gallery has not added new works, and talks about bringing art to children.

Colours of Humanity

To be held at the NGMA from September 21, the three-day showcase that is expected to comprise 200-300 works of art primarily includes works that have come from artists’ studios.


Sculpting a Melody

A retrospective celebrates the works created by the late Dhanraj Bhagat, considered one of the most innovative sculptors of India.

National Gallery of Modern Art plans expansions in Kolkata, Northeast

While a new auditorium will come up in Bangalore, the organisation is looking to expand its Mumbai building, as the current one has been found unsuitable to hold major art exhibitions.

Out of Print: An exhibition celebrates the genre of printmaking

The European travellers are given their due in the exhibition, with the likes of Thomas Daniell occupying the walls.

Past Forward

The event, Indie-pendence Day part 2: Building a Nation, and its Citizens, 'reflects the aspirations of a young country.'


The Canvas Diaries

NGMA to screen films on Akbar Padamsee and MF Husain this week.

The ‘same’ Nandalal hangs in NGMA, goes under hammer

Titled Woman Sitting Under a Tree, the 20x33.2 cm work with NGMA is currently on display.

Wonder Years

The significance of youth.

Parsi 101

An exhibition in Mumbai traces the lives of the Parsi community and the impact they have had on the city.