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Arvind Kejriwal's govt to keep a close tab on content of news channels

This is being done for the first time by the Delhi Government.

3 dozen in 5 months: new channels crowd news space

The trigger for the fresh avalanche, according to those in the business, was the elections.


Holistic Healing

Kejriwal’s ‘scripted drama’ in Mumbai irritated Zee, which levelled some credible complaints too

'Pak Army needs own TV channel to counter Indian propaganda'

The Green Book is published every two years by the General Headquarters (GHQ) of the Pakistan Army.

News channels agree to pay 'reasonable' carriage fee

TRAI referred to rate of 50 paisa to one rupee per set top box subscriber,per channel per year.

We also make TV news

India has about 300 TV news channels and counting. Most of them are run by people with interests beyond news—real estate,politics,chit funds,Ponzi schemes


Assocham for public body to rein in news channels

Industry body Assocham has proposed regulation of aggressive news channels by a public body.

Jnaneswari show: Channel owner close to Mamata

The Jnaneswari Train derailment and the subsequent blame game on news channels seems to have assumed a different dimension.

'Ad market of news channels to grow by 13%'

Advertisement market of news channels is expected to grow by 13 pct this year.